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Where luxury meets natural harmony


With more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline and more than 7,200 hours of sunshine per year, Crete is the largest and most popular Greek island. It has a length of 260 kilometers and a width ranging from 12 to 60 kilometers. High mountains and green hills, long sandy beaches and deserted bays, a Mediterranean climate and a friendly population make Crete an ideal place to stay. Crete has something for everyone. Summers last longer and winters are milder than any other place in Greece. The island is accessible all year-round with direct flights from many European airports.

Crete has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. The wonderful summer weather is what makes Crete such an excellent vacation destination with reasonably high sun security. From mid-May to mid-October, rain is quite rare and it often happens that for weeks in a row not a drop of rain falls. In fact, the sun shows itself almost continuously during the months of June, July and August. Crete's climate is among the most pleasant climates in Europe.

Sea temperature

The sea temperature is most pleasant for swimming from May through November, rising from 19 degrees in spring to 25 degrees in August. In April, the daytime temperature is already very pleasant, but the water is still very chilly at 16 degrees.


The best time of year to visit the island is May. Then both the outside temperature and the water temperature are very pleasant and the island is incredibly green and in full bloom after the wet season! So especially for nature lovers, this is the best period to book a trip.


In the mountains that are up to 2,500 meters high, it snows during the winter months. The snow pack at altitudes of 2,000 meters and higher often remains until May. Along the coast, it rarely snows, and if it does, it never stays there for more than three to four days.

About us

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are family Goossens from a small village in South Limburg, in the Netherlands. Our family consists of five people: Ed, Joëlle and three children: Mirre, Jorrit and Timor.

Our love for Greece started when we first went on vacation to this beautiful country in 1998. At that time we visited Corfu. The delicious food, outstanding hospitality, good weather, rich history and breathtaking landscapes felt so nice. It was like coming home. Since then, we have been going to our "home" almost every summer. Greece is fantastic and Crete has a special place in the hearts of all of us. In 2021 we got the chance to realize our own home in Crete and in 2022 villa Meraki Mariou was ready. There are no words to describe how happy and proud we are of our place under the Greek sun.

We hope you enjoy Villa Meraki Mariou as much as we do! If there are any tips or tops, we would love to hear them! Thank you - Ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ!